My name is Dale Nguyen. I am a Toronto based digital architect. My competent professional work environments are Angular, Firebase, NodeJS, Javasript/TypeScript, SQL/NoSQL, HTML 5 and CSS, Linux, Docker...

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In addition to cutting edge code, I bring a solid background in SEO, Branding and Online Marketing.


A helper NPM package for Firebase Cloud Functions

TypeScript 83 18

A plugin that helps to integrate Firebase to WordPress

PHP 91 32

NPM package for backup and restore Firebase Firestore

TypeScript 430 74

Building RESTful Web APIs with Node.js, Express, MongoDB and TypeScript

TypeScript 430 156

Building RESTful Web APIs with Firebase Cloud Function, Firestore, Express and TypeScript

TypeScript 103 54

Stock prediction with Machine Learning (Ongoing Project)

Python 12 6


Dale Nguyen

I have done researching and creating my first IT blog since 2012 then starting to design websites and web applications, and I am passionate about the web development career.

I am a full stack developer. I take projects from the initial concept stage through to completion. I stay on top of leading front and back end technologies such as Angular, NodeJS, Firebase, SQL/NoSQL, LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), HTML 5 and CSS 3, Docker, Resful API to ensure the optimum code peformance and site security for my clients.

My favourite work environments are Angular, NodeJS and Firebase. They are outstanding digital technologies because of pre-build flexibility, ease-of-use structure code that allows you to spend more time on creating an actual website instead of spending time on repetitive code.

In my spare time, I love to travel as much as possible.

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